A young man's journey to find a job and integrate into a foreign culture is explored, revealing the inner turmoil of balancing cultural differences and past ties. The silent, intense stress of adjusting is highlighted.
Allting Är Bra Nu - All Is Fine Now - Short Film by Basem Nabhan
In the programmatic response to wars, a crucial element has been forgotten: the sanity of an individual.
Psychological distress is not like a broken leg. Recognising it is like trying to grab onto smoke. It twists your logic and uses what’s left of your mental fortitude to convince you nothing is wrong. Your mind becomes your worst enemy and only saviour.
Many of us refuse to believe that it is a mental illness. We connect symptoms like difficulty breathing, accelerated heart rate, and panic attacks to physical conditions, regardless of what doctors tell us.
Time goes on, and we try to find our new normal. We learn new languages and find new jobs. At work, on trains, on buses, and walking on the street, we do our best to seem and act like other ordinary people, talking and laughing like everyone else. Inside we are frantic.
We take our love, trust, ambition, competence, and whatever success we can manage to rebuild a foundation that will hold up this newfound sanity.
But sometimes, the pieces fall away before the foundation is solid. We feel it slipping and do everything in our power to build it back, make it reliable, and be ok.
Most refugees are used to standing on a floor that is constantly disintegrating; this film is meant to trigger a conversation that perhaps shows them that they are not alone and that there are ways to build a foundation that sticks, especially nowadays with another war in Ukraine, this film becomes crucial.