A Short Promotion of Style & conCept
One idea is forming, another is melting irregularly away
Shot at Belgrade Forest, Istanbul, Turkey
Road Trip

Earth To Behold
An introduction to a thought was intended with this frame
Same as previous frame location
The Logo {it is a promotion after all :D}
A climb down to the rocks at one of the Princes(s) islands in Turkey was needed
We can’t remember which one but our best guess is the second island

Art To Provoke, the thought of, art to provoke, the thought…
Same location as previous frame

The sky view one sees when mind opens & looks up, immersed in a need to flip everything over
Shot on the road trip to Belgrade Forest, Turkey
Wasn’t in the original script, but fitted beautifully to the conCept

The vast unknown is out there passing by, Grasp it.
Time Lapse via GoPro at a small cape in Şile, Turkey
Camping trip with no tents :)

Behold the earth, once more, for what it really is
5D Time lapse in mountain roads of Bolu, Turkey
Camping & hiking was needed, with tents this time.


What has been formed must be reformed
The grounds which we stand on in all aspects will not hold for long
Our Slogan Of Choice Plat-Reform
Music by Arvo Part titled Fratres meaning "brothers" in latin, a nice fit as Catasta Fratres, since "catasta" is latin for Platform.
The thumbnail shot was taken at Abant Lake, Turkey.
"You are introducing two fundamental different Forces, one is "nature" as something that epitomizes form, and the Motion graphics logos, representing the "material" or "device" or "means" to Reform. These two elements are diametrically opposed to each other, they are competing during the movie, trying to find a balance, trying to find the right path (symbolized by the purple arrow) in order to Reform in harmony what has been formed already" Manual Inacker